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  • Meshweaver productions commenced business in 2001. Since then Meshweaver has provided many high quality models to a great number of high end Movie And Television studios both in America and in the United Kingdom, and also various other countries around the world. You can view our prior client list in the portfolio section of the site. Although we specialise in Modelling and Texturing when it comes to Computer Graphics and with regards to that field can provide quality models up to and beyond feature film standards - we are also able to provide animation solutions for small budget productions. We pride ourselves in the speed in which we can produce High end quality models with the most efficient polygon optimisation and layout as is possible. Even in today's climate of super powerful computers - if your scene consist of several high end models things will quickly grind to a snails pace when it comes to render time. We have earned an enviable reputation for optimising and sometimes rebuilding polygon intensive models over the years for situations when they simply aren't required in a hero shot and production needs call for high quality lower levels of detail for rendering scenes and animation. Naturally we can provide many other services aside from polygonal modelling and texturing.



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