Weathering & Chipping Paint Work 

 Would you like to learn how to texture models like this?

Viper MK7 Radiosity Beauty Shot

click image for larger version in pop up window:

Well.. now you can!

Meshweaver productions is making available a stand alone tutorial product detailing how to achieve the same realistic texturing effects as seen in the above image.

 What you will learn

  • How to use Photoshop step by step to create specialized and customized brushes to achieve specific effects.
  • In depth explanation of universally applicable techniques to apply specialized custom made maps to achieve specific results.
  • Detailed explanation on how to achieve a professional quality weathered metallic look to your surface

Very soon Meshweaver productions will update this tutorial for use with Photoshop CS5 and provide even more information - all prior customers will get this update for FREE! 

The texturing techniques you will learn will be universally applicable - no part of the process is specifically dependant on Lightwave and it can be universally employed in all applications!

As a bonus all the freely available tutorials on the Meshweaver site will also be provided in the download for ease of access and referral in one place and guaranteeing you will have them for future reference no matter what happens to this site in the future.

the tutorials will teach you the following:

  • How to build asteroids *
  • How to professionally add windows to your models*
  • A technique for creating energy beams**
  • How to use layers to create organic texture effects
  • How to use a rail extrude*
  • Using fractals to achieve machined metal effects*
  • How to tidy up models*
  • How to make Star trek Aztec patterns **
  • How to make Star Trek photon torpedo effects*
  • How to create starship thrusters*
  • How to set up Screamernet**
  • How to set up backgrounds**
  • To make modeled knurling*
  • In depth analysis of smoothing of surfaces*
  • *   Lightwave but applicable to other applications
  • ** Lightwave specific

Obtain this Collection from the Store:

Terms & Conditions for Use
The tutorial is provided for educational purposes. Use of the techniques taught within the tutorial are NOT liable for any rewards or royalties and are free to be used commercially at the purchasers discretion.

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