I have both collections - and they are INVALUABLE and are highly recommended. An incredible amount of time MUST have went into creating all of these Nurnies and they make detailing so much easier. This is a great deal James!" - Megalodon - Newtek Forums
"I've just received Nurnies collection volume 1 and they're fantastic thanks for your work, now I'm impatient to be able to order volume II " - Claude Girolet
" Thank you very much. I have a few projects I want to do and your excellent work is going to save me buckets of time. Thanks again. " -- Mark Phillips
"Hi and thanks for the prompt mailing of my order for your Space Nurnies collection. I'm quite pleased with it. Really enhances the old creativity!" -- Ralph Roberts
" Thanks!   From what you posted on your website, it looks like you've put a huge amount of thought into your collection. Looking forward to receiving your DVD. " -- Tom Traubitz
"It's easily saved me a full week's work already this year, and it's only February. And it helped me put the final touches on my hobby/fan project, too :) " -- Charles Oines
" I just wanted to follow up with some news about that piece we submitted to a potential client last week - when you helped out with the emergency download.  I don't know if it was on behalf of your terrific detailing elements, but we got the contract" " Thank you again for the excellent service - and outstanding quality of product, I might add - from Meshweaver.  I eagerly look forward to Volume 2 as well as any other tutorials which are forthcoming. " -- Brad Morris
" I'm wondering if you have plans to create and sell another Nurnies collection. The first collection looks awesome." -- Roger Cotton
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