ZOIC Studios / SF Channel -- Battlestar Galactica The Mini Series

Below you'll find a selection of images of the work I undertook for the Pilot show that aired on the SF channel just prior to XMas 2003 in the USA of the remake of the classic Series Battlestar Galactica.

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 Old Type Shuttle

more or less identical to the one from the original series in the Seventies - My job on this was texturing of the model.

Galactica Shuttle 1 Galactica Shuttle 2 Galactica Shuttle 3 


This is a more modern type of shuttle that was seen in the show - I spotted two of them in the hangar deck at one point...Again my job here was to texture the model.

Galactica New Shuttle 1 Galactica New Shuttle 2 Galactica New Shuttle 3 Galactica New Shuttle 4  Galactica New Shuttle 5 Galactica New Shuttle 6 Galactica New Shuttle 7


This ship - another dedication to the original series - was seen in a few shots in the new show - it's the Gemini Freighter..Again here my job was texturing of the model..

Galactica Freighter 1 Galactica Freighter 2 Galactica Freighter 3


A few shots in the show required a stand in pilot for destruction when their Viper gets destroyed by Cylon raiders - I modelled and textured a Medium Detail pilot for this shot - helmet is a stand-in provided for reference -- I was also asked to make various versions for future use.

pilotFlight Suit 1 Flight Suit 2 Flight Suit 3 Flight Suit 4 Flight Suit 5

 Flight Suit 6 Flight Suit 7 Flight Suit 8 Flight Suit 9 Flight Suit 10

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