During the year of 2003 I was sub contracted to TDRL to do various projects - now that they have cleared or aired on TV and other venues - I am now able to show them in my portfolio.

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Las Vegas Hilton Star Trek Theme Park Ride

The ride is a 25 minute full immersion into a story involving The Borg - Klingon's and a Federation space station.

I was commissioned to create a part of the Borg Chamber used in the ride. The scene consisted of nearly 3 million polygons or so and was built to strict outside dimensions although I was asked to detail the inside of the chamber to my own tastes but in fitting with the Borg theme. Here are some renders from the sequence - the true end scene will have to be experienced in the ride to see it all coming together.
Borg Chamber 1
Borg Chamber 2
Borg Chamber 3
Borg Chamber 4
Borg Chamber 5
Before we get to that stage in the ride however we have to escape from and eventually return to this shuttle bay - which I built and textured with reference to a single Concept sketch and appraisals throughout the process.
Station Shuttlebay 1
Station Shuttlebay 2
Station Shuttlebay 3


After the Trek Theme park ride I was commissioned top model two sets as close as possible to concept sketches provided. I matched them almost exactly and was only required to undertake modeling and scene composition. Actual textures were to be handled by In House texturers. These sets were for a show called Afterlife.

One set consisted of a detailed cubicle which was then replicated almost a 1,000 times within the set - I constructed 6 different LOD versions of the mini set for use within the scene - almost 2 million polygons in the end even with very heavy optimization

The second set was another concept scene match calling for a simplistic style but to high quality - a shopping or Business Mall like setup

Mall cubicle 1
Mall cubicle 2
Cubicles Set Up

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