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My work for this show was primarily seen in the first two episodes:

I created a polygon Hair Cap for Destiny Angel to be used in Piloting scenes to increase render efficiency for those specific shots. I also provided solutions for rendering of sasquatch hair behind the transparent pilot helmets - anyone who knows SAS can vouch for this problem.

I created and prepared the animation for the scene where Scarlet drives from the hidden barnyard entrance in the countryside after his Skybase escape. I created the entire countryside set for the opening episode where Scarlet is chased after his escape from Skybase - and finally I created the snow background terrain and scene props for the episode where The Large Condor aircraft lands in Russia.

I presently Only have copies of the Angel Hair cap and Sasquatch solution and the Barn sequence - As soon as I acquire footage from the show showing my work I shall post some MOV files here.

Click on the thumbnail's for much larger images in fresh javascript pop up windows

  Destiny Poly Cap 1 Destiny Poly Cap 2 Destiny Poly Cap 3 Destiny Poly Cap 4 Destiny Poly Cap 5 Destiny Poly Cap 6
Destiny Sasquatch Hair Solution 
The Barn Sequence - Scarlet flies out of the barn which is in reality a hidden entrance to a secure garage for a SPV. 80% of the elements were modelled and textured by myself - Including the entire countryside surrounding terrain. this shot was also animated by myself and tweaked by the in house animators prior to rendering at the studio. The Car - Scarlet - the barn and the farmhouse were the only provided objects. By the way I made a heck of a lot of trees for this episode - and roads and telegraph poles not to mention cows and sheep!!  

 Barn Sequence 1  Barn Sequence 2  Barn Sequence 3  Barn Sequence 4  Barn Sequence 5  Barn Sequence 6


Note: I was later asked to remodel several of the main recurring meshes - but as a second series never materialised that project never panned out in the end -

but it's worth a mention! 

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