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In house VFX Department  

In the Early summer of 2007 Meshweaver was contracted to create two models for the TV Feature Film "RAZOR" - They were a Planet which a battle was to take place above; and of a ship - a freighter called the Scylla - in which the crew gets conscripted and the ship cannibalised for parts for the Pegasus.

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I was asked to create the ice planet - above and on which young Adama "husker" takes part in a battle from the old Cylon war in a flashback re-telling by Adama himself in the film. I made up a few different variants of this planet and one was finally chosen by the staff as the one to be used for the feature. Below are images of the candidates and a few grabs from the film showing the final version and its use.

 Candidate 1 Candidate 2 Candidate 3  Candidate 4 Candidate 5 Candidate 6  Candidate 7 Candidate 8Candidate 9 

 Version 4 was the ultimate finalist for the film.
grabs from the film featuring the Planet - all images copyright BSG productions


A concept sketch was provided for this ship which was developed and refined over the course of a few days - when final design and layout was approved; the model was finalised and textured along with the variants required for production such as different LOD versions and compositing specials. In the End the Scylla only made a very brief appearance in the film - however astute viewers of the show will note it makes more appearances in the fleet as time goes by. More than likely because, although the Scylla was destroyed for parts; it is probably a generic freight vessel for the colonies and there are probably a few of them in the fleet.
scylla_1 scylla_1_low scylla_1_medium scylla_2 scylla_3 scylla_4 scylla_5 scylla_6 scylla_7 scylla_8
Altogether - from 1 single mesh - 12 variants were made in total with special versions for specific render passes for compositing
grabs from the film featuring the Freighter - all images copyright BSG productions
Scylla Screen Grab 1  Scylla Screen Grab 2  Scylla Screen Grab 3  Scylla Screen Grab 4  Scylla Screen Grab 5 

Eagle eyed viewers may have spotted that the Rising Star from the old series makes it's first appearance in the new series in this sequence!  

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