Currently working for Eagle Moss Publications on various projects - predominantly the Star Trek Little Ships Collections - Check Out The Client Section in the Portfolio part of the website! 

NEW CONTENT ADDED MARCH 2016  check itout!

   New high resolution renders of the Viper added to the portfolio section!! check itout!
   New ultra high resolution renders of the Galactica added to the portfolio section!!  check itout!
   Nurnie Collection 3 IS NOW AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE!!  check itout!
  Not to be missed is the new Affiliate deal made with the Author of the Lightwave Quadpanels Plug-in! Check out the front page and the store sections for more details!

  All links in links section updated Dec 2013
  Website revamped and updated February 2013
  January 2011 - The Meshweaver website has been completely redesigned - although incorporating the same old style - everything has changed and been modernised. We hope you enjoy the changes!
  DEC 1st 2008 - Ultimate Nurnie Collection Volume TWO - Now On Sale!
  Nov 29th 2008 - Portfolio BSG and Babylon 5 sections UPDATED.
  Nov 28th 2008 - Portfolio Microsoft Section UPDATED..
  Summer/Autumn 2008 - Ultimate Nurnie Collection volume 2 in production
  Summer 2008 - Short contract with Mammoth Sound & Vision
  Summer /Fall/Winter 2007/2008 - Large Contract with Mammoth Sound & Vision
  Spring / Summer 2007 - Worked on BSG RAZOR for BSG In-house VFX Team
  Winter 2006 - Just finished work on contract for Atmosphere VFX for Babylon 5 The Lost Tales DVD.
  Autumn 2006 - worked for Battlestar Galactica In House VFX team on models
  Summer 2006 - A new weathering tutorial has been listed in the Meshweaver store.
  Dec 2005 - The first of many future productions from Meshweaver is now on sale in the site store!
  Fall 2005 - Window creating tutorial updated to mirror the one made for Betterspace..
  Summer - 2005 Ongoing periodic contracts with ZOIC for New BSG TV Series now come to an end
  October 2004:-- Site Updated & portfolio updated with all recent work.
  Spring / Summer 2004 - Working on the NEW Captain Scarlet production
  March 2004 - Imperial Star Destroyer conversion Made Available
  June 2003 - Mark Kane's Starfury hosted now at this site.
  June 2003 - Updates to some old meshes brought online - noticeably Maintenance Fury
  June 2003 - New site re design brought online - much more simplistic style this time
  Nov' 2002 - May 2003 - Busy working for various clients
  November 2002 - Matthew Tarling mesh collection now hosted at this site
  October 2002 - USS PHOBOS LightWave Conversion posted for download in models section
  August 2002 - USS Reliant mesh - as featured in the portfolio section - has made it's debut on the front cover of Star Trek Magazine the special edition in the US.
  New tutorial covering a method of creating Aztec textures for Trek hulls has been added to the tutorials section
  July 8, 2002 - Portfolio section added to site
  April 19, 2002 - New site design brought online










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