The DNA chip cradle was developed for the purpose of having a secure non permanent mount for the Evolv DNA 40 chip when it came to building a custom or commercial box mod. The mount is intended to either be held in with a suitable non permanent glue (such as hot glue) and affixed to the body of the mod OR by using even longer self tapping screws all the way through the body of the mount to the body of the box mod.

This will allow the chip itself to be held securely, but not permanently; allowing easy removal of the chip should problems arise in the future. Of course it also allows for a much more professional finish when it comes to mounting your chip!

Chip Mount 01  chip mount 2

 Meshweaver productions provide a variety of DNA 40 Chip mounts from their outlets on Sculpteo and Shapeways. You can check those options out here:

From those locations you can acquire a mount in various materials and in various colours and finishes.

However we will usually maintain a small stock level of complete kits for people to purchase directly from here in the UK.



 The kits will include:



  • A White Chip cradle - standard flexible plastic 
  • A set of 4 stainless screws for mounting the Chip 
  • A piece of high density foam for precise placement of the DNA screen. 

The Price per kit is £7.25 GBP - Postage included - UK only.

These kits are for the UK only - If you live outside of the UK PLEASE CONTACT ME PRIVATELY for a shipping quotation

any Non UK transactions will be immediately refunded!!

 Examples in use: Click on the images for larger versions:



To purchase one or more of the Mount kits click the add to cart button - then update your quantities and select checkout.

If the kits have become out of stock before I have had a chance to update this page you will be notified of this at the checkout stage.


Live outside the UK? Contact me!