A while back I downloaded a mesh of this droid and was disappointed to find that it had no IK and was therefore totally un-poseable. I decided to make one of my own. Making the actual droid was fairly easy and was done in about 4 hours.
Next came the important bit and something with which I had until then not attempted before - Inverse Kinematics. So began an "in at the deep end" approach to IK and how it worked. After about 4 weeks I thought it was good enough to release. Many thanks to Nick Lee at AP3D who helped me to refine the initial IK setup I created and who also kindly provided a nice little walk cycle for the droid too - please make sure that you read the enclosed README in the archive as it clarifies how to go about posing the droid. :o)

Have fun!

Example animations

Reservoir Droids??

DOWNLOAD - 1.2 Mb link currently down

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