Space Above & Beyond

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Space Above & Beyond Hammerhead Fighter

Due to a request on the B5MG forums for help with the conversion of a 3DS Project file of the SAAB Hammerhead fighter - I downloaded the file and textures - converted the mesh as best as possible - tidied up the mesh for Lightwave - re-applied the texture maps and added some Lightwave texturing peculiarities - and the result is that here it is now for your enjoyment!--

I'm gonna have to make my own version of this mesh one day purely for Lightwave - if anyone would like to see that happen - well keep nagging me and you never know eh? :-)
Mesh originally created for 3DSMAX by Stefan May in 1996/97 -
Converted into Lightwave format and optimised for Lightwave By F.Passaro - May 2000

2.2 Mb 
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