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A very simple script these two - the first one is to be used on a fresh Lightwave scene - either on first boot or after a clear scene operation. It will add a nulled Key, Kick and Fill spotlight setup and then ask you to delete the original Light that is default in the Lightwave scene.

The Plus version does the same but leaves the lights already in the scene alone.

Both scripts will only work once - due to the fact that I do not know enough yet to get the script to auto increment in case of exact name matches already in layout - but soon - hey I'm still a coding beginner!! ;)

Does exactly what it says this one - smacks ambient intensity right to zero with just one click of the mouse!
This will add an array of special spots in the center of the scene to make a very crude radiosity-a-like light setup for quick evaluation of your meshes and the like whilst you're building them. Can be also used as a general scene lighting rig. Future versions will hopefully incorporate a slider bar to control their overall intensity - again these can only be added once due to the name incrementing thing I have yet to get a handle on! ;¬)




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